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Pandemic Response Failure

We are all supposed to be students of history. Unfortunately, thought too many in government, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community have been preoccupied. All have been preoccupied with developing newer technologies especially in the field of medicine while ignoring the rudimentary procedures in vaccine development.

The Distanced Senior Citizen!

As the minutes ticked by I observed the waiting lady who was getting visibly impatient, pacing here and there, but not able to take the decision to go to a different fruit seller. I immediately understood that the gentleman buyer must have been taking a long time in completing his task, and so now I turned my focus on him…

Finding Different Ways to Make Money Online

One of the oldest and easiest ways to make money online today is through your site. You choose a topic, create traffic, sell your items and services and watch your profits increase. Read on to find out about the many different ways to make money online by building your site. All you need is a domain name, an initial investment (sometimes nothing more than a one-time purchase), and a little time.

Best Ways to Make Money Online

One of the oldest and time-proven ways to make money online happens through your site. With little or no experience, you choose a market, create traffic, and sell your products and services straight to your target audience. Read on to find out about different ways to make money online by building an ecommerce site.

Park Sarcastic!

I found it rather caddish to spy over a lady, but I took in the overall gender-neutral ‘observance of human characters’ spirit as I had in fact been doing there. The crux of being a writer, you know!

How To Learn Forex Trading With 5 Simple Steps

The Forex has become a very attractive market even for beginners who do not posses much trading experience. The main reasons are that this market is open for 24 hours a day except for weekends and easy to get started in trading.

Are My Hips Twisted

Many times, a person’s pelvis can become misaligned and cause pain in a joint of the pelvis called the sacroiliac joint (SI joint). This condition can be helped with safe, gentle chiropractic care. This article will discuss pelvic alignment, sacroiliac joint pain and correction of SI joint conditions with chiropractic treatment. It will also introduce research showing that correct anatomical alignment of the pelvis can be improved with chiropractic adjustments.

India: Reopen The Schools After Vaccinating The Students And Preventing The COVID-19 Third Wave!

The loss suffered by the students is huge, considering their isolation, lack of personal interaction with friends and teachers and an almost bleak future looming ahead as regards their future admissions and educational choices and pursuits. Taking into account all such factors the schools must be reopened as soon as possible, and some states are actively thinking about this taking the parents into confidence…

When Science Kills Hope

Crossing new frontiers in science seems a laudable and fascinating aim. Branson’s lifetime ambition of allowing us all to satisfy our curiosity about weightlessness and the curvature of the earth is achieved. But while most of us who are curious about weightlessness and the curvature of the earth are busily searching the back of the sofa for the odd £175k to pay for a ticket, millions more are curious about feeding and clothing themselves and getting a good education for their kids, which is still beyond the ability of even the most adept politicians to deliver. Musk’s plans for building settlements on Mars have been welcomed with excitement, yet affordable housing is in short supply on earth. Is science becoming an elitist exercise, designing products for the few whilst dashing hope for the many?

Summer Trends for Plus-Sized Women

The industry of plus size clothing for women has come a long way over the years. Plus size women can equally enjoy wearing trendy clothes as much as they are enjoyed by other women. There are so many clothes in the market which is made in a way to make the women look like little princesses.

How to Use Eye Drops Correctly

Eye care Hospital is one of the largest eye hospital in india. our expertise in Cataract Surgery,Glaucoma, Bladeless Lasik Surgery, optilasik, eye Treatment and Conjunctivitis Treatment.

Why Clean Your Carpets In Summer Vs. Winter?

In order to ensure that your home always looks well-kept and beautiful, it’s vital to pay attention to the smallest of details. A significant one being your expensive carpets which spice up the look of your home.

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