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Re-Re-Re-Inventing The Wheel

This week I’ve been deep in an epic coding session, worthy of the rousing soundtrack you get in Hollywood hacker movies. And when I encountered a dilemma in my code, I solved it in a surprising way.

How To Make Other Data Scientists Drool With Envy

As a data scientist, there is a certain skill set you can learn that will set you apart… Give you an advantage in interviews… and allow you to do things your colleagues can barely keep up with. What is this magic skill set? Read on to find out.

Three Kinds of Python Practice Projects

One of my readers asked: “Any Python practice projects we can work on for learning you can suggest?” Absolutely. Here are three great ideas.

Erectile Dysfunction-What You Need To Know?

To understand better what erectile dysfunction is, we have to understand first what refers to an erection then only then we’ll be able to know about this sexual problem. During sex, penis is being stimulated and caused stiffness and enlargement in it. The whole process is known as erection.

Repeatedly Retreating Software Development

Here is a “war story” about developing a complex web application, where I had to change my strategy, TWICE… and the lessons learned along the way.

How To Be A Second Rate Developer

In his quest to be a better developer, he was his own worst enemy. Here’s the mistake he made, and how you can avoid it.

Here’s a Quick Way to Learn the Different Types of Eczema

There are many causes of eczema, the most common is prolonged contact with objects that are irritating. The irritation could be from chemicals or even dry skin that leads to itching and burning. It can be the result of anything that can irritate the skin, such as foods, detergents, perfume, sun, and anything else that can cause a flare-up of symptoms. There are three main types of eczema that are often confused with each other. It can be difficult to diagnose them correctly unless they are treated correctly. There are many patients that think that the skin rash they have is the eczema they think it is. They may also treat the eczema with medications, and then it goes away, but they could have something else to treat.

Problems Translating Spanish to English (Pronouns)

Most who are reading this article are most likely native speakers of English. So, you know that while we speak, read, and write in English, we are spoiled. When we learn Spanish, a problem can arise: where are the pronouns?

Just Five Minutes

A strange story surfaced about an old, downtrodden, poor husband named “Edgar Goose” who owned very little money. He told his aging wife that he decided to take their last stash of money, amounting to $10 to Las Vegas, Nevada to gamble their remaining money to see if he could turn that money into more money even though they had everything to lose. So, Edgar drove their beat up old Chevy pickup to a casino in Las Vegas.

The Most Lucrative Dissertation Defense

“Desperate University” is a college at the foot of a canyon in the Great Plains between Interstates 85 and 212 in South Dakota. The school includes undergraduate and graduate degrees for poor students with very little money. Founded in 1901 by an archeologist who got lost in the desert, apparently seeking old Spanish ruins.

Interest Rate Increase in Canada

What is central bank discount rate. how does it affect the economy and consumers.

5 Types Of Outdoor Decking In Singapore

Investing in a good outdoor decking material, whether it is a wood decking or composite decking product, is paramount. Here are 5 outdoor decking options in Singapore!

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