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Oh, the Daze of My Life

When I was young, my mother was quite a fan of a soap opera called “The Days of Our Lives.” I remember the title but I never would watch something like that. However, my mother enjoyed it and so what’s there to complain about. As I was thinking of it, I felt that I should remember the days of my life. But, instead of “days,” I need to put in the word “daze,” which more clearly represents my life. At times, I wish I was 16 again because I was the smartest person in the world. I knew everything; all you had to do was just ask me. Of course, back then, nobody asked me anything. When I got older, I realized that there were a lot of things I did not know. Like one of the FBI directors said, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” I relate to that statement. How my life would change if I knew what I didn’t know? Looking back, I must confess that my life has been primarily in a daze. I did not realize it. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how much of my life was in a daze.

The Sex Industry Focuses on Male Gratification

The sex industry focuses on male sexual pleasuring. Sexual pleasure has negative connotations for women. Women need softer images of romance & relationships.

Are You Well Informed About Prescribed Safety Glasses?

If you work in an environment where there is a danger of suffering an eye injury, then you may have to use prescribed safety glasses. If you are not sure about how to pick the right pair, then you need to address a few factors like frame technology, lens technology, and safety standards. The more you understand these factors, the easier it becomes for you to make the right choice. Once you know what to look for, you can pick a suitable pair with minimum fuss or bother. Read on to know more about these types of eyewear items.

5 Simple Packing Tips That Will Make Your Camp Life Easier

Getting your things ready for a camping trip may be overwhelming. Here are some simple packing tips that will make your camp life easier.

Learn About These Common Poisonous Plants In the Woods (Plus First Aid Tips!)

About to spend time in the woods, camping or hiking? It’s important to learn about the most common poisonous plants in the woods that you may encounter.

2 Easy Campfire Stews For The Whole Family

Looking for delicious meals to cook for your next camping trip? Try these easy campfire stews – they’re tasty and good for sharing!

Tales From the Online Marketing Crypt 10 – Playing the Dangerous Comparison Game on Social Media

Before you start comparing your business to someone else’s, realize you do not know the whole story. You do not know the trials and tribulations they’ve gone through, you don’t know anything they are choosing not to disclose on social media.

Invite For Rebellion

In the years following the Great Society pushed through by LBJ no longer is there a common denominator that bridges the ever widening crevasses that keep pulling this nation apart. The storm clouds of open rebellion have already been formed. Formed not only by governmental policies that have totally disregarded the welfare of the majority of citizens but from the previous four years of an incompetent Administration.

How to Make Email Marketing Work

You simply can’t have a good online marketing plan if you don’t include email marketing. In fact, everything else you do should all lead back to building your email list. A targeted email list will enable you to give yourself a raise whenever you want one.

LinkPitching – Seven Fatal Errors LinkedIn Users Commit Every Day

As of this writing, LinkedIn has over 600 million users and has become a dominant force in connecting people to do business with each other. It has disrupted geographic barriers, so that someone in his basement in Cleveland can do business with someone in Los Angeles, Paris, or Bangalore. It’s also insanely cheap and easy to establish a platform and reach potential customers who 20 years ago would have been out of reach. This low barrier to entry and massive audience potential is fertile ground for ambitious businesspeople (who I refer to as LinkPitchers) to canvass large populations for business. Now I’m in no way telling the ambitious to not pursue business using LinkedIn with all their passion and energy. But there are right and wrong ways to do it.

Why Leaders Must Balance Pragmatism And Idealism?: 5 Areas

Perhaps, little is, less – useful, than, trying to be a leader, without, first, committing to self – analysis, giving oneself, a check – up, from the neck – up! Many, well – intentioned, individuals, proceed, with a high degree of idealism, but, often, without, considering, thoroughly, how it would work, what was needed, financial realities, and political considerations, etc! A true leader must be ready, willing, and able to consistently, balance idealism, with pragmatism, in order to achieve, some of the necessities, and priorities, of an organization!

Beware Of Political Titles!: 4 Examples

It seems, to many, we are witnessing a period, where Americans, seem, unwilling to consider, what others feel and believe, and this partisan atmosphere, seems to be greater than, at any time, in recent memory! Instead of proceeding, with an open – mind, many appear, to take, the easy – way – out, and, resort to a form, of, name – calling, using simplistic labels, rather than seeking, any, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! In addition, not only, is attempting to pin – hole, and, over – simplify, ineffective, but, it often, is inaccurate.

The Flat Belly Code

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