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The Flat Belly Code

Honesty, Patience, Understanding & Tolerance

In my humble, seemingly “silly” opinion, fully integrated honesty, patience, understanding and tolerance is the only way to live sanely and realistically in this world. Any sort of extremism or active fear does not work.

Common Air Conditioner Problems You Must Know About

Summer is on the precipice of arrival. It is that time of the year that you wake your air conditioners from their deep slumbers-that is, if they work as just air conditioners. However, after this long a period of inactivity, a number of problems can take root that can become difficult to deal with down the road. Therefore, it is important to check your AC units with a careful eye before using them for the first time after a winter hiatus. Here are some common air conditioner problems you must know about.

Air Conditioning Safety Tips

The winter season is almost gone and with the spring and summer seasons on the horizon, temperatures will increase, along with your energy bills. While it is natural to want to keep your house comfortably cool, you also want to make sure your AC, after the lengthy pause it has gone through, is safe to use and doesn’t cause any hazards. We have accumulated a few ways your AC conditioner can be kept safe for use and help you save up on your energy bill.

Boho Chic Clothing, Youthful and Ethical

Boho chic style is a youthful fashion style for free spirited people, be it in lockdowns or staying at home or spending time in the outdoors. Handmade bohemian clothing in vibrant prints, free flowing natural fabrics and ethnic vibes are rampant in the maxi dress kaftans. Mix the hippy vintage 70s style with the extravagant bold prints of the sari tunics and you have quite a boho chic fashionista.

Organic Design, Natural Elements and Harmony

Organic design uses natural elements like wood, plants, water and is a style that is cohesive with green living, consciously designing your interiors so as to be in harmony with nature. The style blends in the old world principles that we are composed of the five elements earth, fire, water, air and ether and maintaining a balance within these elements gives us a harmonious life.

The Painting On The Living Room Wall

While a brand new car with sleek aerodynamics and cutting-edge technology is a novelty by itself, the very sight of a vintage or a classic car cruising elegantly on the streets strikes one with an overwhelming feeling of desire. Vintage cars in their high slung elegance are stunning, almost regal. They have captivating designs that are a mark of artistry & craft.

Don’t Lose Your Voice!

In the past few years, I’ve noticed how little people actually talked to one another anymore. Texting, tweeting, and posting on social media has become the norm.

Weight Loss and Why Some Diets Fail!

It’s getting silly, isn’t it? New diet fads seem to spring up all the time, yet who do you really trust, when you are trying to get rid of those pesky pounds!

Chronic Pancreatitis – A Comparison of Modern (Allopathic) and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Inflammation of the pancreas is known a pancreatitis. This medical condition can be caused due to impacted gall stones, or alcohol binges with fatty food consumption, especially in obese or overweight individuals. Normally, pancreatic juices which are secreted into the lumen of the intestines help in digestion of food without harming either the pancreas or the intestines. In pancreatitis, because of inflammation, these digestive juices cause auto-digestion of the pancreas. Acute pancreatitis is a serious condition which may result in infection, peritonitis, abdominal rupture and septicemia. Chronic and recurrent pancreatitis results in cyst formation, and later on, scarring with permanent damage and loss of function.

Low Tuition Is in Very Deep Trouble

Equality of higher education opportunity is in very deep trouble in the United States today. Higher education opportunity is moving backward for those from the bottom quartile of family income, for African Americans, and for most Hispanics. Other groups that are in somewhat less but still serious trouble include the two middle family income quartiles, and males, as well students in many regions of the country affected by high prices but lacking adequate financial aid to finance college.

Challenges and Opportunities to Foster School Success

Much of the intervention research focuses on preschoolers, but a new generation of inquiry focusing on infants and toddlers indicates that intensive child development and early education interventions starting in infancy can result in significantly improved academic and developmental outcomes. Further, evidence from research indicates that the strongest interventions include comprehensive frameworks that focus on both the child and the family, combined with efforts aimed at changing community risk factors.

Tips And Strategies For Making Yourself Worry Less, More Thankful And Lose More Weight

How to worry less and lose more weight. First remember that worry can take away your happiness. When you are not happy, you are likely to be moody and eat more. Instead of worrying about the goals you did not meet today, focus on those things that make you thankful today. Here are few tips and strategies for making yourself, worry less, more thankful and lose more weight.

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