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Without Warning-How to Survive Suicide Loss

Suicide can be planned or unplanned, random and occur without warning. One nanosecond in time changes countless lives forever. Learning how to survive our son’s suicide death was harder than any other loss we ever experienced. It took unique coping skills to deal with the taboo and our own feelings of disbelief that something could go so wrong.

People Need Their Imperfections

I like and embrace the imperfections in my life, here’s now to like and embrace yours. Through sheer will and determination, you can realize that your faults are more important than your strengths.

Involving C-Level Executives in L&D

L&D groups often complain that they cannot get C-level executives in their organizations involved in their training efforts. This article contains ideas on how to do that based on my 40-year career in L&D.

Parenting During Covid, The Method Of Finding A New Path

This article continues on the article entitled Parenting During Covid with more details about how to get children away from the video games and into a more productive and happy life. This article will help a lot of adults too. In the section THE CHILD’S POINT OF VIEW, I explained how the child will feel and what their thoughts are, even if they do not realize it because it comes from the core nature of being human rather than the personality, and how they will deal with the current situation…

What Results Do You Want for Your Culture?

All of us want to be part of a great culture at work. We want to belong, be excited by our work, enjoy the company of our colleagues, and feel part of something better. It’s a vibe thing, right? That’s not the whole story. As leaders, we need to identify and be intentional about the results we want in our culture too. That way we can measure what matters most.

Putting Love Into Action on Valentine’s Day

In this time of a seemingly-never-ending pandemic, Valentine’s Day is bound to be different for many of us. Those who are couples may miss the traditional dinners-out, romantic get-aways, and other such expressions of their undying affection. But what if there was an easy, heartfelt way for all of us – singles as well as couples – to honor Valentine’s Day.

What Is the Importance of Tailoring in Fashion Designing?

In the world of fashion designing, tailoring has an important place. Although quality of fabric is the primary thing as far as making outfits is concerned, the importance of style cannot be denied. As a matter of fact, fashion designing puts a lot of emphasis on the cut or style of the garment. Besides, body measurements and fitting are equally important. If the fit is not right, it will defeat the entire purpose of designing the outfit. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of tailoring as far as fashion designing is concerned.

Your Spiritual Self: The Super-Conscious or Soul

Many ancient cultures embraced the concept of the mind consisting of conscious awareness (and unconscious) coexisting with the soul or super-conscious. Even though the Age of Reason in the 1700s largely cultivated a belief that human consciousness is merely a living body and a brain, the idea of consciousness beyond the physical seems to be gaining popularity in modern times.

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Fashion Designing Course

Nowadays, competition is quite stiff in the world of fashion designing. At the same time, this industry is generating a lot of revenue. For the same reason, fashion designing is a lucrative career for students who are creative. If you have a creative mindset, you can enjoy a lot of job opportunities in this field. In this article, we are going to share with you a few tips that will help you go for the best course. This course will help you become a good designer.

The Best Style For Featherbeds & Down Bed Toppers

The featherbed (topper) has come a long way in the last 100 years or so. Styles have evolved to deliver the best experience with more efficiency.

Jesus, the Greatest

I struggled for a long time to understand what the whole of verse 9 means. The first part is ok, but what does the second part mean?

Jesus Stands for What Is Right

I wonder how people can justify stepping on others to get ahead? I don’t understand how people can simply wipe out others.

The Flat Belly Code

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